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genital. genitalia. genitals. genitive. genitives sensuous. sensuously.

Geniality in a sentence

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Their former affability was gone. 2. Here we were received with more affability than at the previous places. 3.

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What are synonyms for geniality? Geniality Sentence Examples The force of his intellect renders this want of geniality repulsive.

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He rarely attempted to express more than one thought in a single sentence; so that his sentences never wearied an audience, being always logical and precise, not involved and long and complicated, like the periods of Chalmers and Choate and so many of the English orators. Genial definition is - marked by or freely expressing sympathy or friendliness. How to use genial in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of genial. geniality (dʒiniælɪti ) uncountable noun. He soon recovered his habitual geniality.

Geniality in a sentence

geniality. Sentence Examples.
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genial. Geniality is a fancy word for friendliness. We show geniality when we are pleasant, kind, and nice to be around. is not responsible for their content. English The hospitality and geniality of the local population have always stayed with me. Definition of Gibe. an insulting comment.
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GENIALITY ▷ Swedish Translation - Examples Of Use Geniality In a

Powers marshals his material cogently and genially, from Arts and Crafts to high-tech. The definition of genial is warm, cheerful, good for life or comfort. An example of genial used as an adjective is a genial person which means a very friendly person.

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Weak acidity formulation, Examples of geniality in a sentence: 1.

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Consideration was in it, and understanding, and that kind of geniality that offers itself on a plain business footing, a commercial heartiness that has no nonsense about it.. The Imperialist.

Santa Claus is such a genial man that children love to approach him. 🔊 While I expected my elderly neighbor to be rude, he was actually genial and invited me in for tea. use "geniality" in a sentence Contrasting with the geniality of the ex posit ion is the almost fierce, tense drama of the development which contains fugal writing. His character was as individual as his painting-quaintly delightful, with geniality of manner. How calmly and genially the mind apprehends one after another the laws of physics!: The reflection made him smile genially, and she noted how dazzling his even teeth were in his suntanned face.: Skipper Zeb exclaimed, genially, warming his hands before the fire. Not this hand complies with my humor more genially than that boy.: Rochester such a wealth of the power of communicating happiness Sentences Containing 'geniality' "Mr.